four free apps to make sustainable fashion easy

Content originally written for online media platform, Daily Origin.

Just like any sustainable habit, having a more eco-friendly wardrobe takes time, thought, and effort - especially in the beginning. As someone who’s done a lot of footwork, I wanted to share my four most-used (and free!) sustainable fashion apps to get you started. 

 1. Pinterest for inspiration

The simplest way to have an eco-wardrobe and not spend a dime is to wear what’s already in your closet. Having one of those days where you’re staring blankly into the abyss of your hangers thinking “I have no clothes”? Head to Pinterest for some inspiration. If your trusty flannel is calling your name, try searching “flannel outfits” to see if anything inspires you to wear it in a new way. 

2. GoodonYou for beginners

Learning about where you consume now is a great place to start your sustainable fashion journey. If you’re not quite ready to go full-on secondhand and don’t particularly want to spend the bigger ticket prices on ethical brands, GoodonYou can help kick start your journey. Based on the app’s assessment, brands are given one of five ratings: great, good, it’s a start, not good enough, and we avoid. Type in some of your favorite brands into the search bar and see how they do. Spoiler alert: Zara did not score well. 

3. Poshmark for thrifting

As a personal stylist and secondhand fanatic, I spend a lot of time on Poshmark. It’s a great way to dip your toe into the thrifting universe. Once you set up your profile, your searches are automatically narrowed down by your sizes and favorite brands, to name a few. Here’s an easy way to start: the next time you see an item you love on Anthropologie, Free People, or Reformation, check to see if someone else is reselling it on Poshmark first. It’ll likely be less expensive and you may find something you love even more just by searching.

4. GoodHuman for discovery

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainability in general, finding new eco-friendly brands, and engaging with a like-minded community, GoodHuman is the app for you. Your curated feed will generate helpful articles and new products, which you can easily save to your personalized favorites lists to refer back to later. If you’re looking for something more specific - say, a sustainable swimsuit brand - you can simply use the search bar to generate vetted brands to find your new favorite bikini. 

One of my favorite quotes about sustainability goes something like, “we don’t need a handful of people doing ethical fashion perfectly, we need millions doing it imperfectly.”  The journey can be overwhelming, but hopefully these apps help you along the way.